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Deco – Deceast Mix Series 008

Posted on Aug 20, 2013 by Deco in Mixes.

Deceast Mix Series 008

The 8th installment of the Deceast Mix Series lands as summer draws to a close. This edition is a special one as it includes the premier of several tracks from my forthcoming album. Other music from the label and Deceast artists along with a healthy sampling of music from other labels and producers. All in all there’s nearly 80 minutes of brand new deep bass music for your aural enjoyment.

01. Deco – DMS008NTRO
02. Deco – Late Night Fading [dub]
03. Congi feat. Katya Gabell – Words [Chord Marauders]
04. Author feat. Quark – After Time [Black Box]
05. Geode, Earl T and C Tivey – Ode [Smoking Sessions]
06. TMSV – All It Takes [Box Clever]
07. Geode – Tesla [Innamind]
08. Deco – Musical Family [dub]
09. Deco & Mesck – Slated [Deceast]
10. Ulterior Motive – The Elephant Tune [Metalheadz]
11. Physical Illusion – Flow (Sinestetik Remix) [Contraband]
12. Demon & Catacombs – Cursed [Macabre Unit]
13. Facta & K-Lone – Voodoo [Chord Marauders]
14. Gantz – Enso [Innamind]
15. Deco – Timescales [dub]
16. De Niro – Memories [Gradient]
17. Ipman – Raindance [Wheel & Deal]
18. Secure Unit – Moaning Conez (Deco Remix) [Lucky Break]
19. Deco – Trenchtown [dub]
20. Rhythm Riders – Come With The Love (DJ Madd Remix) [Sub Slayers]
21. SP:MC – Air Lock [Tempa]
22. Deco & Mesck – Transit Method [dub]
23. Kuantum – Majora [IM:LTD]
24. Komonazmuk – The Ghoul [Subdepth]
25. Deafblind & Living Proof – Anywhere [dub]
26. Deafblind – Humanism [unsigned]
27. Jafu – Impulse [Sub Pressure]
28. Deco – Carry Tears [dub]

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Deco – Deceast Mix Series 007

Posted on Jan 13, 2013 by Deco in Dubstep, Mixes.


The 7th installment of the Deceast Mix Series is here to kick off 2013! This one is packed with forthcoming Deceast material, including new music from Mesck and a preview of my forthcoming Across The Grain EP. A rich sampling of music from other labels and producers rounds out the track list for an hour of innovative bass music. Enjoy!

01. Genetix – Natural State [Artikal]
02. Mesck – No Shelter [forthcoming Deceast]
03. Kial – Question Doubt [FKOF]
04. Dubtek – Plus Ultra [Uprise Audio]
05. Sleeper – Zodiac [Chestplate]
06. Kryptic Minds – The Divide [Osiris]
07. Mesck – Conquista [dub]
08. Deco – Polymorphism [forthcoming Deceast]
09. Proxima – Brainstam [Tempa]
10. Biome – Reality [Black Box]
11. John B & Jillian Ann – Love Again (LX One Remix) [Beta]
12. Dubtek – Extension [Uprise Audio]
13. Breakage – Ass Up feat. Dismantle [Digital Soundboy]
14. F – Energy Distortion [7even]
15. Jason Burns – I Can’t Change [Brap Dem!]
16. Deco – True Renegades [forthcoming Deceast]
17. Deco – Across The Grain [forthcoming Deceast]
18. Side-Projekt – Temple (Quantum Soul Remix) [Pressed]
19. DLX – Matter of Fact (Breakage’s Relatively Speaking Remix) [SMOG]
20. Deco – Consciousness Dub [forthcoming Deceast]

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Deco – Deceast Mix Series 006

Posted on Nov 1, 2012 by Deco in Dubstep, Mixes.

Following up on my Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 mix from September, I decided that since there’s so much amazing music making the rounds right now that it was time for another installment of the Deceast Mix Series. Entry #006 is stacked with brand new music, including several unsigned tracks from myself, some remixes and some bootlegs. There’s also plenty of unreleased exclusive material featured from other artists and labels that are pushing the same sound I am right now.

Enjoy the music, and please share it with your friends if you like what you hear!

Download The Mix

01. Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Deco’s Aloe Vera Dub) [bootleg]
02. Komonazmuk – Side Effect [Hench]
03. J:Kenzo – Semtex [Tempa]
04. Deco & Mesck – Clear Depth [forthcoming Sub Pressure]
05. Medik – Febrile (Mesck Remix) [forthcoming Gamma Audio]
06. Core & Killawatt – Black Mamba [Artikal]
07. Occult – Sidious [Innamind]
08. Deco & Mesck – Slated [unsigned dub]
09. Secure Unit – Moaning Conez (Deco Remix) [forthcoming Lucky Break]
10. Quantum Soul – Self Knowledge [Tribe12]
11. Truth – Gaza [Defy Records]
12. J:Kenzo – Body Heat [Tempa]
13. June Miller & TMSV – Ghost Ship [Black Box]
14. Biome – Shadows [New Moon]
15. Boofy – Momentum (Gutcha Remix) [Vulcan Audio]
16. Deco & Mesck – Transit Method [unsigned dub]
17. Demon & Biome – Symmetry [Macabre Unit]
18. Catacombs – Mantis [Tribe12]
19. Killawatt & Thelem – Dualism [Osiris Music]
20. Biome – First Light [Black Box]
21. Deco & Mesck – The Way We Fall [unsigned dub]
22. V.I.V.E.K – Against The Tide [Deep Medi Musik]
23. Soap Dodgers – Contact [Tempa]
24. Pheral – Hatchway [Innamind]
25. Biome – Inner Mind [Black Box]
26. Soundproof & G Double – Proof in the Sound [Soundproof]
27. Jus Wan – Mental Physics [Pushing Red]
28. Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Try Harder [Deep Medi Musik]
Total Running Time: 76min 44sec

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Deco – Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 Mix

Posted on Sep 18, 2012 by Deco in Dubstep, Mixes.

I played at Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 and thought I’d do a mix to mark the occasion. I’ve included a lot of new and upcoming Deceast releases along with several new tracks by myself. This is a sampling of the music that’s been in my DJ sets the last few months, a lot of which veers toward the deeper side of dubstep. Enjoy!

Nocturnal Wonderland is one of my favorite Insomniac festivals because it’s the best of both worlds: The full-blown dayglow spectacle of Electric Daisy Carnival mixed with the dark, sinister atmosphere of Escape from Wonderland. It’s also one of the longest-running Insomniac events, now in its stunning 18th year of taking dance music fans down the rabbit hole and in to a nighttime experience packed with stunning visuals, immersive environments and the best DJs & performers on the planet.

01. NumberNin6 – Monochrome [forthcoming Deceast]
02. Soap Dodgers – Water Landing [Wheel & Deal]
03. Matt-U – Uncontrolled [Black Box]
04. Icicle – Acid Step [Shogun Audio]
05. Soap Dodgers – Ill Minded [Tempa]
06. Commodo – Surveillance [Deep Medi Musik]
07. Icicle – Together in the Dust [Shogun Audio]
08. J:Kenzo – Depth Charge [Tempa]
09. NumberNin6 – The River [Deceast]
10. DJG – Rivet [Get Darker]
11. Skream – Phatty Drummer [Deep Medi Musik]
12. Submotion Orchestra – Blind Spot (Distance Remix) [Exceptional]
13. Vicious Circle – Not Afraid [Crunch]
14. Vicious Circle – Hibernation [Crunch]
15. Culprate – Two [Inspected]
16. Bulletproof feat. Pieter T – Nite in Paris (Edgewoode Remix) [unreleased]
17. Edgewoode – Untitled [forthcoming Deceast]
18. DJG – Here Come the Dark Lights [Get Darker]
19. Killawatt & Thelem – Kaba [Black Box]
20. Matt-U – Wipe ‘Em Out [Black Box]
21. Pheral – Sanctuary [Innamind]
22. Soap Dodgers – Unleashed [Wheel & Deal]
23. Commodo – So Clear [Deep Medi Musik]
24. Biome – Swirls [Macabre Unit]
25. Deco & Edgewoode – Gizmo [forthcoming Deceast]
26. Nibe – Hypnotise Me [Subdepth]
27. Icicle – Need A Job [Shogun Audio]
28. Aeolho – Out of the Cold [Pushing Red]
29. Edgewoode – Take it Slow [Deceast]
30. Icicle & Distance – Exhale [Shogun Audio]
31. Pheral – Residue [Macabre Unit]
32. Deco & Mesck – Untitled [unreleased]
33. Deco & Mesck – Clear Depth [forthcoming Sub Pressure]
Total Running Time: 73:46

Deco on The Future Soul Show

Posted on Jul 5, 2012 by Deco in Mixes, Radio.

Here’s a quick 30min guest mix I did for my good friend Atlantic Connection‘s radio slot, the Future Soul Show on UK Bass Radio.

01. Killawatt – Mantra [Box Clever]
02. Dismantle – Kill Dem Sub [Gangoon Dubz]
03. Marcus Visionary – Build Them A Coffin [Liondub]
04. Deco – Skyed Out [dub]
05. Silkie – Get Up N Dance [Deep Medi Musik]
06. DJG – Here Come The Dark Lights [!K7 Records]
07. Matt U – Wipe Em Out [Black Box]
08. Commodo – So Clear [Deep Medi Musik]
09. Deco & Edgewoode – Gizmo [dub]
10. Mayhem & Section 8 – Miles In The Sky [Deceast]
Total Running Time: 31:46

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