Deco & Linker

“Verus” / “Greenthumb Funk”

DEC004 - Released June 27th, 2011

About The Release

The dark tones and heavily delayed vocals of “Verus” touch off this debut release from Deceast label owner Deco and dubstep newcomer Linker. Densely layered percussion and prominent sub bass fill out the sonic palette while synths disappear and reappear in washes of reverb. “Verus” has been getting reactions on dance floors all over the planet since its dubplate debut at the beginning of the year and is one of the most anticipated releases in Deceast’s short history. The track fits well alongside recent offerings from the likes of Kryptic Minds, J:Kenzo, Kromestar and other producers that specialize in the darker, minimal side of dubstep.

On the flip side, “Greenthumb Funk” eschews the moody atmosphere of “Verus” in favor of bright synths and rolling drums. Inclinations of funk permeate this track to the core and the arrangement keeps listeners guessing as to what’s coming next. The breakdowns give way to soaring pads and slightly introspective melodies before coming back to the funky essence of the track. “Greenthumb Funk” works perfectly in DJ sets populated by the sounds of Silkie, Rusko, and other producers known for their more playful take on dubstep.

About Deco & Linker

Deco is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California who owns Deceast, a record label that specializes in the deeper side of dubstep and other forms of bass-heavy electronic music. Linker is the alias of Matt David, one half of the house music duo Breakdown who is now expanding into varied styles of electronic music. The duo met through mutual friends while eating Thai food, which naturally led to a series of productive studio sessions where the two discovered they collaborated quite well together. They continue to eat Thai food and write music together on a regular basis.