Deco & Mesck

“Pacific Turbulence” / “Still Life”

DEC007 - Released February 27th, 2012

About The Release

Deceast takes a trip to the dark side with a new single from Deco and Mesck that features two tracks of deep, brooding bass. “Pacific Turbulence” goes right in with a sinister-sounding vocal sample that checks references to both class warfare and the degeneracy of Los Angeles, the city that both Deceast and the producers call home. The drop leads into a subtly funky and rolling progression before the snarling synths creep in and carry into the breakdown.

On the flip, “Still Life” maintains the foreboding mood with a more complex arrangement and a palpable nod to the influence of dub reggae on modern electronic music. The percussion is a lot more dense compared to “Pacific Turbulence” but we think they both work equally well in the headphones and on the dancefloors of discerning listeners. For other bass music trivia nerds like us, the vocal sample in “Still Life” was chosen as a reference to “What’s The Difference” by Optical, a lost dubplate that was originally slated to come out on Grooverider’s Prototype Recordings back in 1997 but never saw the light of day. It’s one of our favorite drum & bass tracks that was never released.

To complete the collaborative effort on this release, the artwork for the single was designed by both Deco and Mesck.

About The Artists

Deco owns and operates Deceast, the record label responsible for the music you just read about and are hopefully listening to right now. In addition to running a label, he DJs and produces music. Over the years, Deco has wandered through the music industry as a radio station manager, concert promoter and a lifetime fan.

Mesck is a new name to the Deceast roster but he’s been an important member of our family for a long time. A connoisseur of the most refined forms of electronic music, Mesck has an acutely honed aesthetic sense that eclipses traditional media boundaries. His skills in music production, photography, and visual design are a perfect fit for Deceast and we’re looking forward to being a creative outlet for him in the future.