“Take It Slow” / “See You Again”

DEC008 - Released March 12th, 2012

About The Release

Deceast continues the tradition of introducing new names to the bass music world with our latest single from Edgewoode, a release that perfectly captures the Deceast vibe by blending funk with future-leaning techno influences. “Take It Slow” pulls the soul out of the machine with its prominent synth melodies reminiscent of the purple sound associated with artists like Joker and Gemmy. Punchy, rap-influenced percussion and weighty bass let this one work on the dancefloors and in the headphones.

On the flip, “See You Again” is a slice of pure, unadulterated deepness. The vibe is in the same vein as “Take It Slow” but with a smoked-out swagger that fills the track with head-nodding tendencies from start to finish. The synth melodies take center stage on this track as well, proving that Edgewoode’s musical abilities are just as well-honed as his sound design and engineering chops.

This is just the first taste of what Edgewoode has to offer and Deceast is excited to get more of his music out into the world in the near future.

About The Artist

Edgewoode is a new music project from Anthony Rotella, a producer and DJ well-known for his longtime contributions to both drum & bass and dubstep under his Mayhem moniker. As one of the longest-running American bass music artists, Anthony has a long list of achievements as Mayhem. He’s released music on marquee labels like Ram Records and Human Imprint, played a crucial role in establishing forward-thinking music scenes in his native Atlanta and across the United States, and collaborated with highly respected artists like Noisia and Phace.

Anthony has established Edgewoode as an outlet for his music that isn’t defined by the aggressive, dancefloor-oriented mindset he’s known for as Mayhem. This is the debut of his Edgewoode persona and Deceast is looking forward to helping him diversify as an artist through this new project.

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