Anoesis / Like to Listen

DEC010 - Released July 22nd, 2012

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About The Release

Deco’s new single closely follows his just-released Back to the Beginning EP with two more doses of funked-out midtempo beats. “Anoesis” leads the way with its numerous classic breaks, soul-drentched synths and warmly rounded bass. On the flip, “Like to Listen” features thick pads and booming 808 bass reminiscent of 1990s atmospheric drum n’ bass wrapped up in a slower tempo package. Chopped up rap vocals and stuttering hi-hats are a nod to Deco’s Atlanta roots and the burgeoning “trap” style currently finding its way through electronic music.

On the flip, “Can You Swim” drops the tempo below the usual 140 mark and ventures into more unconventional territory. The beat structure follows the halftime trademark of dubstep but the mood and instrumentation of the song are more reminiscent of styles outside the bass music realm. This song is best appreciated at home or in headphones, but this would also work well in the opening sets of DJs playing in smaller venues.

About Deco

Deco is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. He owns and operates Deceast, one of America’s premier underground record labels exploring the deeper shades of bass music. Influenced by everything from southern hip-hop to classic soul to modern dance music, Deco combines his varied tastes into a coherent and unique musical narrative. With an emphasis on blending corresponding musical and visual aesthetics, both Deco and Deceast are constantly evolving and continually exploring new sounds and styles.

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