“Monochrome” / “Lucid”

DEC011 - Released November 12th, 2012

About The Release

NumberNin6 returns to Deceast for his second solo single on the label with two tracks of stunning, musical dubstep. “Monochrome” starts with a short intro dusted with dubby chords before a quick drop leads in to a deep progression featuring hard-hitting, rolling drums and a variety of melodic arrangements. It does a great job combining updated production standards with the original eyes down sound found in the roots of dubstep.

“Lucid” begins with a brief atmospheric introduction that leads directly in to deftly programmed percussion topped with ethereal synths that echo influences of trance and progressive house. As the listener gets situated, NumberNin6 keeps things interesting by incorporating a variety of different perspectives on the main riff while also finding numerous ways to keep the drums driving the song forward.

These are two great pieces of music that will find good homes in crates, speakers and headphones worldwide and we at Deceast hope you
enjoy the latest from NumberNin6.

About NumberNin6

NumberNin6 has been one of America’s best-known dubstep exports since he first gained attention with his dangerously heavy, dancefloor-oriented releases on labels like Z Audio and Migration. In 2010, NumberNin6 signed to Dieselboy’s SubHuman imprint alongside equally prevalent North American dubstep artists such as Datsik, Bare and Mark Instinct as part of the first SubHuman roster. After firmly establishing himself within the sound American dubstep is best known for, NumberNin6 is now expanding his horizons into a variety of other styles and tempos. Deceast is excited to give NumberNin6 an outlet to conduct these explorations and we hope you enjoy the music.

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